9 Best Tips & Guides To Understand More About Steam

If you love playing games on your PC then you probably have heard about steam. It is one of the best software for gamers. Steam was created in 2003 by Valve Corporations. Since its inception, it has been loved by users globally for its awesome and unique features.



You can use steam for different purposes but best feature of this software is to make your gaming experience better. Steam is also the biggest digital distribution software in the field of gaming. It has a market share of more than 75%. If we say that it is currently ruling this field then it won't be unfair. 

Most of you probably know the functioning and features of steam but still there are several features that people do not use often. These features can help you in making your steam a better software. In this article, we will share some tips about steam that you can use to get the most of this software. 

1) Download Games From Anywhere = It is one of the best feature of the steam. Downloading new games can consume a lot of time and to counter this problem, the developers at steam came up with a feature to download games remotely. If you are somewhere out but you have left  the steam running on your PC. Then you can download a game directly from there to your steam library. 

To download a game, you will need to use steam app which is available for both android and iOS. Open the steam app in your phone and login into your steam account. After successfully logging in, you will be able see your games list along with the list of other games. Click on any game you want to download, The download will be started. Once you return home, you will see the game in your PC. 

2) Share Your Steam's Game Library = Do you know that you can lend your games to your family or friends? When you lend a game to someone you won't have access to that game until they are playing it. You can lend your game to 10 family members. You can do this by going Into Settings > Family. This feature is awesome and very useful. 

3) Frame Rates Counter = There are some gamers who want to know the frames per second of a title for different reasons. If you are one of those then you can do that too with the help of steam. Go to Settings and then open In-Game, there you will be able start the frame rate counter. After enabling it, you will be able to see frame rates of your favorite titles. This can be really helpful in earning free steam wallet codes .

4) Manage your library = Steam's default library displays the games in alphabetical order. If you have few games then there's no problem in it but if you have a lot of games then it can cause a bit of problem. At that time, you feel the need to organize your library. You can create different categories for different games. You can create several categories and move your games inside those categories. 

You can easily create a category by clicking right on any of your game. Similarly, you can move games in these categories. The process is very easy. You can also add games in your favorite games list. These games will be pinned and will be displayed on the top of the library.

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5) SteamGuard for Security purpose = Security has become a major concern for people these days. People want to protect their steam accounts from unauthorized people and that can be done by steam guard. Whenever someone try to log into your account from other PC then SteamGuard sends a code to your email address. You will have to enter that code for logging in your account. Steam Guard provides a layer of security to all the gamers. 

6) Add Non-Steam Games in your account = There are several games that are not available on steam. If you want to play that game then first download the game on your PC. Once downloaded open your steam account and then click on add non-steam games. You will be required to choose a title. After selecting the title click on add selected title. Your game will be added to your steam. 

7) Find Awesome Games On Steam = You are very well aware that steam is used for buying and playing different games. But the platform is filled with a lot of games which are very ordinary and people do not want to play. It becomes a bit tough to find good games on steam but there is a solution for this too. You can follow steam curators, they recommend good games to users. You can read their reviews before installing a game.  

8) Batch Operation in Steam = Are you looking to install more than one game? If yes, then you can easily to do that from steam. You can install many games together at the same. You can not only install but uninstall several games at a time. This process saves a lot of time of gamers.